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Pellen 1kopie

How are tulips being cleaned..?

How are tulips being cleaned these days..?

Till about 10 years ago all tulips were cleaned by hand. Week after week many school kids and other labourers, mostly women, were working at the bulb farms to clean every tulip one by one by hand (pic 1). Nowadays the tulips are cleaned by machine. Before the tulips

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Apolonia 1kopie

Three late blooming daffodils

Today, I present you three late blooming daffodils, so that you can plant daffodils late in the season and enjoy their beaty as long as possible.

Apolonia daffodils

Fluwel’s seedling “Apolonia”, a variant of the species narcissus jonquilla, which is selected from the bulbs I have cultivated. The Apolonia is a little bigger and blooms considerably later than the already late flowering narcissus jonquilla, but the main purpose of my cultivating is its wonderful fresh scent. You give your garden a happy addition if you plant the daffodils loosely through the border. Its fine grassy foliage is never annoying and its joyful bright yellow flowers dance merrily on thin stalks. If she gets enough sunlight, it is an excellent wild daffodil as well.

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Chionodoxa luciliae

Chionodoxa luciliae

This is the kind of snow that we want to see: Glory-of-the-Snow.


Snowdrop, Galanthus nivalis

Snowdrop: known to everyone and a pearl in every garden. Certainly not the easiest flower bulb to grow because the snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis in Latin) does not like to be above the ground. Therefore you plant the bulbs immediately after the delivery in a quiet area in your garden, in half shadow. If you plant ten bulbs, it may occur that a few of them don’t come out, because they stand to dry, but the snowdrops that do come up and grow in good soil will last for ever.


The wild Himalaya tulip

This tulip is a real gem: the wild Himalaya tulip (in Latin bakeri lilac wonder). Her lilac pink color is unique. Most tulips don’t even come close tot the wild Himalay tulip. If its flowers burst out they show them a beautiful yellow heart. The enchanting appearance has a great appeal to people. This tulip in your garden, imagine… Such a beautiful flower from the high Himalayas, in our rainy country!

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Cassata Siciliana

The Cassata Siciliana

The Cassata Siciliana is a split crown, although I prefer to call it a collar, from the very beginning. This spring, it celebrates its 50th birthday. A plant with a beautiful appearance. The colors are soft and warm. It’s like a rain shower in April, this soft, warm rain. What a spring flower!

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An amaryllis in the living room

An amaryllis is a gentle bulb flower. It blooms in the living room very easily. Nevertheless I see Amaryllis flowers in someone else’s home quite often that make me think it could be better. The owner of the flower is usually very enthusiastic about the performance of himself and Amaryllis but… it could be better.

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New tulip species

New tulip species are developed by crossing different kinds of tulips. This process is sometimes called breeding. Basically, it is about taking pollen from one species and smear it on another tulip’s stamens.

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Tulpen parfum

Parfum of Tulips

Strange enough, the tulip is not so often used in perfumes or other odor waters. The tulip is not famous for its lovely smell, like a rose, jasmine or lavender is. For many tulips, there is no reason to, but there are some that smell delicious.

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Tulpen in de winter

Tulips in winter

A bunch of tulips in the winter. How can that be? The tulip blooms naturally in spring. When winter is over and the weather is softer, the tulips grow and prosper. Yet you see tulips in flower shops during wintertime. Here you can read all about it.

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