Three late blooming daffodils

Today, I present you three late blooming daffodils, so that you can plant daffodils late in the season and enjoy their beaty as long as possible.

Apolonia daffodils

Fluwel’s seedling “Apolonia”, a variant of the species narcissus jonquilla, which is selected from the bulbs I have cultivated. The Apolonia is a little bigger and blooms considerably later than the already late flowering narcissus jonquilla, but the main purpose of my cultivating is its wonderful fresh scent. You give your garden a happy addition if you plant the daffodils loosely through the border. Its fine grassy foliage is never annoying and its joyful bright yellow flowers dance merrily on thin stalks. If she gets enough sunlight, it is an excellent wild daffodil as well.

Vireo daffodils

“Vireo”, a perky daffodil with the blood of wild <em>narcissus jonquilla assoanus</em>. Despite its relationship to these little multiflowering and fragrant daffodils, this daffodil has little of this jonquilla properties. Vireo is about 30 cm high and has a relatively large flower for its size, over 3 cm. She is not multiflowering, does however bloom equally exuberant, a reasonable bulb of 10 cm offers three flowers easily.

Frostbite daffodils

“Frostbite”, in my collection of over 2,000 species of daffodils the very last daffodil that blooms. Obviously worth the wait. Glistening white flowers that are somewhat messy and half double, but in one way or another have a classic look with a lot of charm. Literally a gem in the garden.


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